Why Weiland’s Thermally Broken Two-Part Window is Perfect for Cold Storage Applications

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As a manufacturer of windows for food, cold, and pharma industries, Weiland has always been committed to delivering high-quality and innovative products to its customers.

Our THERMALLY BROKEN two-part window is one product that sets us apart from others in the industry. This blog post will discuss why our thermally broken two-part window is perfect for cold storage applications.

First, let’s define what a thermally broken window is. A thermally broken window is a type of window that has a thermal barrier between the interior and exterior parts of the frame. This barrier helps to prevent the transfer of heat or cold from one side of the window to the other, making it perfect for cold storage applications.

Our thermally broken two-part window is specifically designed to meet the needs of cold storage applications. It offers various glazing options, ensuring you get the right level of insulation for your specific needs. Our windows are also customizable to fit the exact size of your cold storage facility.

Another advantage of our thermally broken two-part window is that it can be easily installed on any wall type. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you in choosing the right type of window for your specific wall type.

At Weiland, we understand that temperature variance is a critical factor in cold storage applications. Our thermally broken two-part window is designed to withstand extreme temperature variances, ensuring that your cold storage facility remains consistent, reducing energy costs, and preventing product damage.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a high-quality, innovative, and customizable window for your cold storage facility, look no further than Weiland’s thermally broken two-part window.

Contact us today at 402-454-2106 to learn how we can help you with your cold storage needs.

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