Aluminum-Clad Vertical Slide Doors 

Vertical Sliding Doors for Tight Spaces

Control your door opening in a tight space with our vertical slide door. It is ideal for environments where manual and power-operated openings and closings are important and where limited side room or multiple nearby door openings are factors (like warehouse loading docks).

These vertical sliding doors are suitable for interior applications in coolers, freezers, docks, and industrial buildings. Plus, they can seamlessly integrate with most dock equipment management systems.

Stainless Steel Clad Sliding Door Highlights


Flexible Options

Select the ideal door with cooler and freezer design, manual or power-operated options, and single slide or bipart design. You can also customize the door for both indoor and outdoor use.


Quiet, Hassle-Free Operation

Our sliding doors are designed with advanced insulation technology to minimize heat transfer and save on energy costs.


Durable Design

This vertical sliding door is covered in corrosion-resistant aluminum, allowing it to stand up to all types of chemicals and wear and tear.

Hygienic and Safe

Our stainless steel-clad sliding door has an ultra-clean tube rail system, void-free panel construction, and redundant safety features to ensure the safety of your staff and consumers.

The Ultimate Design for Energy Efficiency


Seals that Actually Seal

Our doors feature panel-mounted gaskets with dual blades. The blades create a tight seal against the door frame and maintain temperature control in your facility. Plus, an adjustable bottom sweep provides an additional seal to improve energy efficiency. 


Premium Foam Insulation

We inject a closed-cell polyurethane core for maximum R-value. The door’s core resists heat flow and maintains the desired temperature in your cold storage facility.

A Better Sliding Door System

Smooth Aluminum Track

Our specialized track system is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and designed for smooth operation, corrosion resistance, and efficient moisture ejection.

SlideGuide™ technology

Instead of traditional wheels (noisy and hard to maintain), the system uses a self-lubricating guide block on an adjustable aluminum track, providing durability and quiet operation. Counterweights are enclosed for safety.

Multiple Power Options

Choose from various power-operated actuator options, including hands-free actuators, push buttons, and safety lights.

Durable Casings

The casings are constructed using extruded aluminum with a thermal barrier incorporated, enhancing thermal performance and strength.

Corrosion-Resistant Hardware

Doors are equipped with durable hardware, including stainless steel bushings and bearings — for durability and corrosion resistance.

Strong Aluminum Inner Frame

Extruded aluminum offers a durable but lightweight construction that is naturally corrosion-resistant.

Architectural Details


Many custom panel sizes are available at 4” or 6” thickness. Larger panels may need to be built in multiple sections for shipping considerations.

    Closed Cell Foam
    • Door panels are placed in a heated press and injected with 2 lb. per cubic foot closed cell polyurethane foam. 
    • 2 lb. foam provides the maximum R-value for thermal performance (roughly R-7.5 per inch).
    Metal Clad Casings (Frame)
    • Our casings are made from thermally broken extruded aluminum with closed-cell polyurethane inserts. 
    • Jamb depths are built to virtually any size, accommodating any wall type or depth. 
    • 1” thick jambs are standard. 
    • Jamb caps (C Channels that wrap the wall) are also available.
    SlideGuide™ Track System

    Our SlideGuide™ track system eliminates traditional steel wheels, shafts, maintenance, and lubrication associated with past designs. We use a self-lubricating high-density polyethylene guide block that quietly slides on a heavy-duty adjustable C-channel track fabricated from extruded aircraft aluminum. The sheave assembly holds large-diameter sprockets and utilizes #40 nickel-plated roller chain. Counterweights are fully enclosed in a PVC tube for safety. Insulated face casings are constructed of extruded aluminum.

    Panel Structure
    • Aluminum-clad panels are built to size, using an extruded aluminum inner frame and reinforced in the corners with a steel bracket and behind all hardware. 
    • 24 ga. white painted aluminum is standard for added corrosion resistance.
    • The metal-wrapped door is then injected with closed-cell polyurethane foam for maximum thermal performance and strength.
    Custom Doors

    We have built many custom doors for unique applications. If you have a design challenge, please contact us to brainstorm ideas.

    Freezer Door Heat

    We use 120-volt, self-regulating heater wire in the perimeter of our doors for freezer applications. The heat runs on all four sides of the door panel and all three sides of the door opening. 

    Power Operator Option

    Our doors are driven by a NEMA4X operator controlling a IP55 operator. Power doors feature fully integrated photo eyes. Doors come standard with pull cord stations for interior applications and push button stations for dock applications, but many other actuators are available, including remote controls, photo sensors, loop detectors, and hands-free wave sensors. Our operator integrates well with most dock management systems.

    What Clients Say

    “We have used Weiland doors for many years on projects ranging from processing to distribution warehouses with great success.”

    – National Thermal Contractor

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