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Designed For Coolers and Freezers

Hygienic Doors for Demanding Environments

We make our swinging cold storage stainless steel doors with food facility operators in mind, especially those in USDA-inspected facilities. They’re designed to be extra durable, clean, and corrosion-resistant, perfect for both cooler and freezer use.

This door works where commoditized, painted galvanized, walk-in style cold storage doors do not. With a void-free foam core and welded frame, these doors eliminate potential harborage and keep your consumers safe.

Stainless Steel Cold Storage Door Highlights


Void-Free Construction

CleanCor™technology eliminates voids, preventing moisture buildup and bacteria growth — even in washdown environments.

Maximized Energy Efficiency

Our cold storage doors are designed with advanced insulation technology to minimize heat transfer and save on energy costs.

Exceeding Industry Standards

Our Cold Storage doors exceed current USDA and FDA cGMP standards, so they’ll stay compliant even when the bar is raised.

Just Right For Your Build

Doors are available in various sizes, sill options, and fire-rated options to meet your project requirements. Plus, we can develop custom options to meet your needs.

Featured Technology:



Nowhere for bacteria to hide

We understand the importance of hygiene in your industry, which is why we developed CleanCor™— a void-free foam core that is at the center of all of our doors.

Until now, stainless steel doors were only made by inserting a preformed core material into a stainless steel panel, then welding the panel closed. This leaves a massive void between the interior sides of the panel and core material — causing a thermal short and creating harborage areas where the hardware is fastened.

We inject a closed-cell core into the panel after welding, creating the industry’s first void-free stainless steel panel. This makes our stainless steel doors the strongest and most hygienic in the industry.


Fully welded, seamless design

With Weiland WeldWrap™ technology, nothing gets in.

Our WeldWrap™ technology ensures unmatched hygiene and durability in our stainless steel doors. Each door panel is meticulously constructed from 16 or 18-gauge stainless steel, welded shut on all four sides, and finished with vertical seams ground and brushed smooth.

In addition, our stainless steel doors ship in a fully welded frame. We design our doors to mitigate troublesome microbial entry points and withstand the test of time (and heavy traffic!).


The Ultimate Design for Energy Efficiency

Seals that Actually Seal

Our cold storage stainless steel doors feature milter and splice-free EPDM gaskets. The gaskets securely wrap around the entire perimeter without any joints or gaps, ensuring a tight and effective seal that keeps the cold air inside (and the external elements out).

Premium Foam Insulation

We inject a closed-cell polyurethane core for maximum R-value. The door’s core resists heat flow to maintain the desired temperature in your cold storage facility.

Cold Storage Door Vision Panels


Completely Hygienic Construction

The single flush window is seamlessly integrated into the door with a sloped, void-free retainer.


Highly-Durable Polycarbonate

Our standard glazing is made with 3/8″ abrasion and chemical-resistant polycarbonate.


Options for Every Environment

We also offer insulated, tempered, fire-rated, heated, and safety-coated glass. Plus, we can provide blast-resistant safety film for USDA and FDA compliance.

Cold Storage Stainless Steel Frame


Durable and corrosion resistant

Made of 16 ga. stainless steel casing style

Excellent thermal performance

5 lb. p.c.f. insulating structural foam injected into face casings and back-trim

Hygienic and easy to clean

Fully-welded vertical and horizontal sections of the frame eliminate seams and harborage areas.

Refrigeration Hardware That Lasts

We curate high-quality, stainless steel hardware to stand the test of time — even in harsh environments. Each cold storage stainless steel door is made with high-screw retention composites for hardware reinforcement.

With industrial hardware stocked in our warehouses, it’s easy to make last-minute changes in plans — without waiting months to get what you need.


Install quickly.

Your stainless steel cold storage door is hung in the frame with industrial hardware fully installed.


Maintain quality.

Everything is designed to work together, so you don’t need to worry about finding the right fit.


Get quick delivery.

Our doors and industrial hardware ship fast from our warehouse to keep your project on schedule.

Architectural Details


4-6” thick doors are made to order at virtually any size and as single or double doors with or without a meat rail configuration.

Door Panel Details

20 ga. Stainless Steel Panel with 16 ga. Stainless Steel Casings (16 ga. Panel Optional)

Core Structure

The core of our infit doors is crafted using expanded polyvinyl chloride (including the interior pan) to provide long-term strength to the door. This material is more thermally set than the plastics typically used by other manufacturers. Every piece of hardware in the order has 1.5” of solid backing behind it for maximum screw retention.

Stainless Steel Casings with WeldWrap™ Technology
  • Industry-leading 16 gauge stainless steel face casings with WeldWrap™ technology come standard with injected 5 lb. per cubic foot polyurethane cores.
  • The vertical and horizontal sections of the casing are fully welded together for a seamless, maintenance-free application.
  • The core of the jamb is fabricated from HDPE plastic lumber. Jamb depths are built to virtually any size, accommodating any wall type or depth.
Void-free with CleanCor™ Technology
  • Our infitting swing cooler doors all feature CleanCor™ technology which helps to insulate the door, make the door void-free, and provide superior hardware reinforcement.
  • Doors are placed in a heated press and injected with 2 lb. p.c.f. cubic foot closed cell polyurethane foam. 2 lb foam provides the maximum R-value for thermal performance (roughly R-7.5 per inch).
  • The 16 ga. stainless steel frame casing features injected foam as well. In the face casings and back-trim we inject a 5 lb. p.c.f. closed cell structural foam.
Stainless Steel Vision Panels
  • Standard size available: 10×10″
  • Custom size options for frames available upon request
  • Margard-treated polycarbonate glazing for enhanced durability (chemical and abrasion resistant)
  • Additional glazing options: insulated, tempered, fire-rated, heated, and safety-coated glass
  • Blast-resistant safety film option for USDA and FDA compliance
Pre-Mounted Hardware

We use the highest quality stainless hinges, latches, and hardware from a variety of the best manufacturers in the USA. The hardware we use on our doors is stocked in our warehouse if you need to order replacement hardware down the road. The standard hardware and fasteners for this door are stainless steel by default. CS (Cold Storage) cast aluminum and chrome-plated steel options are available when value engineering your project.

Self-Regulating Heat

We use 120-volt, 10-watt per foot self-regulating heater wire in the casings and the bottom of doors for freezer applications.

What Clients Say

“Weiland Doors provides constant value engineering and innovative design for cold storage and food processing doors & windows. Their products provide high quality, while also focusing on making long-lasting relationships with their clients.”

– Regional Thermal Construction Company

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