Molded FRP Doors

Fiberglass Doors for Demanding Environments

Our fiberglass (FRP) personnel doors are built for companies that need durable, ultra-hygienic doors, including food processing facilities and labs. We designed these FRP doors to hold up to all types of wear and tear and to keep your consumers safe with a void-free foam core that eliminates harborage. We curate hardware for harsh environments and pre-install most hardware at the factory. Your door is shipped pre-hung in the frame and ready to install upon delivery.

FRP Door Highlights


Void-Free Construction

CleanCor™technology eliminates voids, preventing moisture buildup and bacteria growth — even in washdown environments.

Ultra-Thick Fiberglass Shell

Our doors have the thickest-in-the-industry exterior with FiberShell™technology, making them strong and durable.

Exceeding Industry Standards

Our FRP doors exceed current USDA and FDA cGMP standards, so they’ll stay compliant even when the bar is raised.

Easy To Clean & Corrosion-Proof

A molded gel coat exterior stands up to all types of chemicals and corrosion. Plus, it’s easy to clean. Even graffiti wipes off!

Featured Technology:


Nowhere for bacteria to hide
We understand the importance of hygiene in your industry, whether it’s food or pharmaceutical. That is why we developed CleanCor™, a void-free foam core at the center of all our doors. Without a void-free construction and quality hardware, moisture can collect at hardware penetrations, creating an environment for bacteria to grow. We have designed a closed-cell core that is inorganic, insulating, and completely void-free from the core to the hardware backing. The resin injection process fills any void in the mold, making our panel the most hygienic in the industry.


Built to last with seamless fiberglass
Our FiberShell™technology creates a truly seamless exterior on all six sides, protecting against bacteria growth and preventing wear and tear. Our doors are molded — not laminated. While conventional methods press laminate FRP sheets to a core with bonding agents, our fiberglass seamlessly wraps the door panel core material. This approach ensures a longer-lasting product and eliminates harborage areas along the edge of the door. As a bonus, our FiberShell™exterior is 50% thicker than traditional doors, making it the toughest option available.

All-In-One FRP Door System

We design our custom frames and corrosion-resistant hardware to work specifically with our fiberglass doors. This means there are no unwelcome surprises during installation. Since we’ve tested our door systems in many demanding environments, we know they work. With industrial hardware stocked in our warehouses, it’s easy to make last-minute changes in plans — without waiting months to get what you need.

Install quickly.

Your FRP personnel door is hung in the frame with industrial hardware fully installed.

Maintain quality.

Everything is designed to work together, so you don’t need to worry about finding the right fit.

Get quick delivery.

Our doors and industrial hardware ship fast from our warehouse to keep your project on schedule.

FRP Door Vision Panels


Completely Hygienic Construction

The single flush window is seamlessly integrated into the door with a sloped, void-free retainer.

Highly-Durable Polycarbonate

The FRP vision panel is made with abrasion and chemical-resistant polycarbonate.

Options for Every Environment

We also offer insulated, tempered, fire-rated, heated, and safety-coated glass. Plus, we can provide blast-resistant safety film for USDA and FDA compliance.

Flexible Frame Options

  • ROne-Part Fully Welded Stainless Steel Frame (16-gauge)
  • RTwo-Part Stainless Steel Frame (16-gauge, Split Jamb)
  • ROne-Part Stainless Steel Frame (16-gauge with CleanCor™ technology)
  • RMolded (FRP) Solid Core Fiberglass Frame (with FiberShell™ Technology)

FRP Door Architectural Details

1-3/4″ thick doors are readily available in standard 3×7′ or 4×8′ sizes as single or double doors. Custom sizes (smaller or larger) are also available.
FiberShell™ Technology
Most FRP door manufacturers construct doors using fiberglass “plates” or “skins” laminated to a stile and rail. Our fiberglass doors are the only doors molded all at once. This allows the door to stand up to rapid expansion and contraction of the panel during washdown versus others that are glued together in multiple pieces. The front, back, and sides are formed at once through an advanced close-molded (RTM) process, meaning that the door is a solid fiberglass structure. Measuring .188″ thick on the face and nearly .375″ thick on the edges, our fiberglass exterior is the thickest of any door in the industry.
CleanCor™ Technology
We manufacture food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing doors and windows. So the core of every Weiland door is void-free and utilizes only synthetic materials that provide mitigating moisture insulation.
Factory Mounted Hardware
  • Sizable inventory of commercial-grade one-door hardware
  • Curated hardware options for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Wide range of brands and models available
  • Expert recommendations for quality and value
  • Almost all (over 98%) of our doors come pre-hung in their frames with pre-mounted hardware. This ensures quality, speeds up installation, and avoids unexpected issues like missing hardware or poor fits, delivering a top-notch product and experience.
Premium 25-mil gel coat is molded into our fiberglass doors, chemically bonding with the underlying fiberglass resins. Our manufacturing process provides an easily cleanable exterior that protects against corrosion. Most customers opt for UV-resistant white doors, but gray or custom gel coat colors are also available.
Multiple frame options are available: 16-ga stainless steel frames and solid molded (FRP) solid core fiberglass frames with FiberShell™ technology. Consult with Weiland for specific requirements and recommendations.
  • Stainless steel frames offered in 304 or 316 alloys with a #4 brush finish.
  • Various stainless steel frame styles, including solid/welded frames for concrete walls (typically 5-3/4″ deep).
  • Split-jamb frame option for sandwiching over varying thickness of IMP walls or a combo wall (favored by thermal contractors).
  • Molded fiberglass frames available in 4″ depths for enhanced thermal considerations or hygiene needs.
Vision Panels
Fiberglass Option
  • Ultra-clean, frameless, and flush to the door surface on one side
  • Half-lights approximately 20’’ x 30’’
Stainless Steel Option
  • Multiple sizes of stainless steel vision panel frames
  • Custom size options available upon request
  • Abrasion-resistant polycarbonate glazing for durability (which is much more durable and chemical resistant than standard Lexan)
  • Additional options: insulated, tempered, heated, and safety-coated glass

What Our Customers Say

“There is something special about Weiland. I believe their FRP doors now lead the industry, and you don’t get to that point without leadership, and attention to detail at all levels.”
– Food Industry Architect

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