USDA Meat, Poultry & Egg Facilities


USDA Meat, Poultry & Egg Facilities

Weiland doors and windows were first sold to USDA meat packing facilities across the Midwest. Our original fiberglass doors for meat processing facilities were the first ever designed with a continuous shell around all sides of the product. We call this FiberShell™ technology. Today we are the only manufacturer in the United States to build FRP doors this way. It is because of USDA inspected facilities that we continue to manufacture our doors to be as durable, as corrosion resistant, and as sanitary as possible. Our doors are designed to remain in service through years of abuse, in caustic environments with aggressive wash-down regimens.

Like our fiberglass doors, our 16 Ga. stainless steel personnel doors and 16 Ga. stainless steel infitting swing cooler doors are in a class of their own. Like FiberShell™, Weiland stainless steel doors are designed to be seamless with WeldWrap™ technology. Our 16 Ga. door panels are welded to be seamless. Unlike doors from any hollow metal door manufacturer, our doors are injected void-free with closed cell 2 lb. pcf polyurethane foam. We call this process CleanCor™ technology.

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“Weiland Doors is an excellent door manufacturer. Your doors are of excellent quality and always come to the job site ready to install. One of the things that sets your firm apart from the competition is the fact that you have the ability to customize any door to fit the need, which is a great tool to have on our side. Your firm always jumps through hoops when it comes to getting the doors to us in an awesome time frame compared to the competition. As always we thank you for your help in making sure our customers are well taken care of.”

– Large National General Contractor

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