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Tired of working in the extreme weather with never-ending layoffs? Do you feel like you’re missing your family with evening or weekend shifts? Do you want to be a part of something special where you can utilize your strengths at work?

At Weiland, we believe in the collective strength of our team.

  • The men and women of our company build the country’s finest industrial doors and windows.
  • We believe in hard work.
  • We trust and respect each other.
  • We reward talent.
  • We provide unlimited opportunity for career growth.
  • And we do so while offering a work / life balance that makes each of our families more happy.

We’re Currently Full

Weiland Doors is currently full but please check back often for new employment opportunities.

Want to Join the Team?  Call 402-454-2106

Awesome Benefits

Generous Compensation

  • Entry-level positions start at $13/hour. Some new-hires can make between $18-$25 / hour based on past experience and skill level.
  • 401K with company match
  • Profit share plan
  • Healthcare supplement
  • Short-term disability plan

Job Security & Career Progression

  • Stable job with zero history of layoffs
  • Clearly defined career path
  • Ongoing training
  • Unlimited growth opportunities

Work / Life Balance

  • Paid vacation
  • Paid shut-down during week of Christmas
  • Paid day off for birthday
  • Bereavement pay
  • Maternity and paternity program
  • Family friendly work hours

Fun Atmosphere

  • Family atmosphere
  • Team building events

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