Industrial Stainless Steel Doors (16 & 18 Gauge)

Stainless Steel Doors for Demanding Environments

Our premium stainless steel doors are designed for companies that want the highest-quality product, optimized for food processing, pharmaceutical, and other stringent industries.

Most stainless steel door manufacturers need to be told precisely when and where to weld their doors. Not us. We know that protecting consumers starts with a seamless product that is void-free to mitigate harborage. Our stainless steel doors are fully welded to meet this standard of ultimate hygiene.

Stainless Steel Door Highlights


Void-Free Construction

CleanCor™technology eliminates voids, preventing moisture buildup and bacteria growth — even in washdown environments.


Ultra-Durable & Strong

With welded stainless steel and injected foam, your stainless steel door will stand the test of time, even in high-traffic areas.

Exceeding Industry Standards

Our stainless steel doors exceed current USDA and FDA cGMP standards, so they’ll stay compliant even when the bar is raised.

Just Right For Your Build

Choose between various sizes and fire-rated options to meet your project requirements. Or, we can develop custom doors for your unique needs.

Featured Technology:


Nowhere for bacteria to hide

We understand the importance of hygiene in your industry, which is why we developed CleanCor™— a void-free foam core at the center of all of our doors.

Until now, stainless steel doors were only made by inserting a preformed core material into a stainless steel panel, then welding the panel closed. This leaves a massive void between the interior sides of the panel and core material — causing a thermal short and creating harborage areas where the hardware is fastened.

We inject a closed-cell core into the panel after welding, creating the industry’s first void-free stainless steel panel. This makes our stainless steel doors the strongest and most hygienic in the industry.


Fully welded, seamless design

With Weiland WeldWrap™ technology, nothing gets in.

Our WeldWrap™ technology ensures unmatched hygiene and durability in our stainless steel doors. Each door panel is meticulously constructed from 16 or 18-gauge stainless steel, welded shut on all four sides, and finished with vertical seams ground and brushed smooth.

In addition, our stainless steel doors ship in a fully welded frame. We design our doors to mitigate troublesome microbial entry points and withstand the test of time (and heavy traffic!).

All-In-One Stainless Steel Door System

We design our custom frames and corrosion-resistant hardware to work specifically with our stainless steel doors. This means there are no unwelcome surprises during installation.

Since we’ve tested our door systems in many demanding environments, we know they work. With industrial hardware stocked in our warehouses, it’s easy to make last-minute changes in plans — without waiting months to get what you need.


Install quickly.

Your stainless steel personnel door is hung in the frame with industrial hardware fully installed.


Maintain quality.

Everything is designed to work together, so you don’t need to worry about finding the right fit.


Get quick delivery.

Our doors and industrial hardware ship fast from our warehouse to keep your project on schedule.

Stainless Steel Door Vision Panels


Completely Hygienic Construction

The single flush window is seamlessly integrated into the door, with a sloped, void-free trim.


Highly-Durable Polycarbonate

Our standard glazing is made with abrasion and chemical-resistant polycarbonate.


Options for Every Environment

We also offer insulated, tempered, fire-rated, heated, and safety-coated glass. Plus, we can provide blast-resistant safety film for USDA and FDA compliance.

Door Panel and Frame Options

Door Panels

  • R16 ga. Stainless Steel Door Panels
  • R18 ga. Stainless Steel Door Panels

Stainless Steel Frames

  • RFully Welded One-Part Frame (16 gauge)
  • RTwo-Part Frame (Split Jamb, 16 gauge)
  • RFully Welded One-Part (16 gauge, with CleanCor™Technology)

FRP Door Architectural Details


1-3/4″ thick doors are readily available at standard 3’x7′, 4’x8′, or 6’x7′ sizes. We can accommodate virtually any custom size. Doors requiring fire labels may have special size limitations.

Core Options

Our stainless steel doors that are not fire-rated have a void-free injected foam core. Multiple core options are available for fire doors, including polystyrene, pre-formed polyurethane, and honeycomb boards. Restrictions may apply based on the desired fire rating.

Pre-Mounted Hardware
  • Sizable inventory of commercial-grade one-door hardware
  • Curated hardware options for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Wide range of brands and models available
  • Expert recommendations for quality and value
  • Almost all (over 98%) of our doors come pre-hung in their frames with pre-mounted hardware. This ensures quality, speeds up installation, and avoids unexpected issues like missing hardware or poor fits, delivering a top-notch product and experience.
Fire Rating

Our 16-ga stainless doors can be supplied with a fire rating of up to 3 hours.

Metal Options

We offer multiple styles and gauges of stainless steel to meet your design requirements and budget. Our standard door is comprised of 16 or 18-gauge, #4 brushed, 304 stainless steel. Options for 14 gauge and 316 stainless steel are available upon request.

Stainless Steel Vision Panels
  • Standard vision panel sizes available: 3”x28″, 5”x28″, 22″ X 28″ and 10”x10″
  • Custom size options for vision panels available upon request
  • Margard-treated polycarbonate glazing for enhanced durability (chemical and abrasion resistant)
  • Additional glazing options: insulated, tempered, fire-rated, heated, and safety-coated glass
  • Blast-resistant safety film option for USDA and FDA compliance
  • Multiple stainless steel frame styles available
  • Frames available in 304-4 stainless steel
  • Options for 14 gauge and 316 stainless steel frames
  • Frame styles include fully welded one-part frame, SplitJamb two-part frame, and fully welded one-part frame with CleanCor™ technology
  • Frames designed to work in various wall types

What Clients Say

“Your doors are of excellent quality and always come to the job site ready to install. One of the things that sets your firm apart from the competition is the fact that you have the ability to customize any door to fit the need, which is a great tool to have on our side.”

– Large National General Contractor

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