Our Roots

In the cold winter of 1984, in an old barn with a dirt floor and a wood-burning furnace for heat, Leon Weiland built one of the first fiberglass doors for the meat-packing industry. Through the Grace of God, the support of a friend, and with sheer determination, Weiland Doors was founded.

Through the years, Weiland Doors established itself as a company that built a quality product and served customers with integrity.

Today, Weiland manufactures fiberglass and stainless doors and windows in small town Nebraska. We still have a reputation for integrity. We still pride ourselves on the best service to our customers. The only difference is that today’s doors and windows are manufactured using the most advanced closed-molded fiberglass technologies, CNC fabrication tools, and advanced composite materials that provide for food safety and withstand the harshest environments.

“Weiland Doors was dug out of the ground with little more than a rock, a club, hope, and dreams.  Failure was never an option.  If you want to succeed, put your head down and bear into it.  Make no excuse for yourself and get to work.  Eat, drink, and breathe your goal.  Pray constantly.  You will accomplish what your mind sets in motion.  The more tenacious your actions become, the more difficult it will be to stop you.  I doubt God opens many doors for people who aren’t pushing on the door and crying for help.”

– Taken from Leon Weiland’s book, Smell the Dirt, available on

Leon Weiland

Founder, Weiland Doors

Family Owned and Operated

the weiland doors team

Leon Weiland


Jason Ash

Partner - CFO

Carl Weiland

Partner – CMO, CSO

Jean Weiland


Rob Haake

Partner – COO

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