Intelligent Doors and Windows for Cleanroom Applications

A dedicated division at Weiland specializing in cleanrooms

Vatalab is focused on a scientific applications with hyper-hygienic needs, where our doors require extra guarding, and concealed hardware, along with networked interlocking communication. Vatalab will excel and be impactful in the cleanroom space, and allow Weiland to remain best-in-class for food processing and cold storage applications.







Our Growing List of Customers

Products manufactured
by a single source

Vatalab benefits from sourcing its base product from the highly efficient Weiland factory. With door panels and frames manufactured by a single source in the central United States and hardware curated and stocked for each application, we've achieved the most vertically integrated process for these specialty doors in North America. As a result, our customers can expect extraordinary communication and excellent lead times.


Bespoke features for more specialized applications

Our process allows you to partner with us. We can accept customer feedback, constantly improve, and collaborate on custom designs. We can do this because Vatalab engineers have a symbiotic relationship with the Weiland factory. We expect to improve our doors over time as hygienic standards change in the cleanroom environments where our products will live.


Expert problem solvers, and project management

On-time scheduling for construction projects is crucial to our success. That's why we stick to our delivery dates and boast the best on-time deliveries in the industry. We do this by rejecting the just-in-time manufacturing model and controlling our supply chain with lots of inventory. At Vatalab, we are incredibly consistent with our lead times, giving our customers peace of mind during construction and with part orders.

“Weiland is a door manufacturer with a lot of promise for the hygienic & food industry. They have a strong focus on R&D to continually improve their offerings, and those improvements could help industry clients in big ways.”

– Respected National Architect

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