Walk-In Style Infitting Swing Doors

Infitting-Swing Cold Storage Doors

Weiland prides itself on making the best walk-in style cold storage doors for our customers. There are many features that make our doors unbeatable. We have the world’s only resin transfer molded FRP infit and the world’s best cold storage frame casing, fabricated from 16 Ga. stainless steel. We TIG weld our stainless steel casing sections together, so there is no caulk joint to maintain. Additionally, we inject 5 lb p.c.f. closed cell polyurethane structural foam into the casings to make them light-weight, strong, and void-free. All interior casings have a built-in 45-degree sloped angle on top of the casing header to prevent harborage. Learn more about our product lineup below.

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Weiland White Metal Infitting Swing Door (4″-6″ Thick)

Ideal For:

  • RWhite Metal Walk-In Style Doors
  • RIndustrial Cold Storage
  • RValue Engineering
  • RExterior Egress
  • RCooler or Freezer Environments

Weiland FRP Infitting Swing Door (4” Thick)

Ideal For:

  • RFiberglass Walk-In Style Doors
  • RUSDA/FDA Inspected Applications
  • RLaboratory Applications
  • RHigh-Use Openings
  • RCooler Or Freezer Environments

Wieland Stainless Infitting Swing Doors (4”-6” Thick)

Ideal For:

  • RStainless Steel Walk-In Style Doors
  • RUSDA Food Processing Applications
  • RCustom Sized Infitting Swing Doors
  • RMeat Rail Openings
  • RCooler or Freezer Environments

Typical Elevations

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What Our
Customers Say

“Weiland Doors provides constant value engineering and innovative design for cold storage and food processing doors & windows. Their products provide high quality, while also focusing on making long lasting relationships with their clients.”

– Regional Thermal Construction Company

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