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Doors for the future

Our personnel doors are ultra-strong and hygienic for the long haul. Each door exceeds current USDA and FDA standards, so your door will last for decades — even as standards get tougher to meet.

Nowhere for bacteria to hide

Each personnel door is filled with our proprietary CleanCor™ foam, giving the door a void-free interior. The industrial doors are either fully molded or welded shut, so there’s no place for bacteria to get in.

The complete package

Each personnel door comes as a complete door system. We ship your door with the panel attached to the frame — with fully-installed industrial-grade hardware. Easy to install. No last-minute surprises.

Explore Personnel Doors

Fiberglass Doors

  • RCorrosion-resistant for durability
  • RCompletely molded for hygiene
  • RCleanroom compliant

Stainless Steel Doors

  • R16 & 18 ga.
  • RFully welded for hygiene and durability
  • R20-min to 3-hour fire doors

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