If you love our windows, you’ll love our 2-part frames!

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Have you considered exploring this option yet?
Here’s your opportunity to do so.

First and foremost, the frame wraps the wall, which means no flashing is required. This saves time and money on installation costs and eliminates the need for additional materials that could cause problems down the line.

2-Part Door Frame Highlights:

• Wraps the wall – No flashing required
• Functions like a knock-down, but the door is still pre-hung
• Door hardware is pre-installed on the door
• Welded through the miter and jamb
• Mitigates the need for excessive amounts of foam in install – cuts down on the mess!
In conclusion, if you’re in the market for new doors or are considering replacing existing ones, the 2-Part Door Frame is definitely worth considering. Its innovative design saves time and money on installation costs, and its durability ensures that your doors will remain secure for years to come. Plus, with less mess and hassle, you’ll be able to enjoy your new doors without the stress and frustration of a messy installation process.

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