What Our Customers Say

“Weiland Doors has been a great partner with Gleeson for over 25 years.  First starting with Leon, and now with the 2nd generation, Weiland Doors has worked with Gleeson to innovate, refine and push the envelope on food processing doors.  Weiland Doors is a go-to source on specialized and quick-turn items, always providing the good quality craftsmanship and a ‘stand-behind-their-product’ attitude.  As a long-standing partner, I have specified Weiland Doors all over the country and in areas they have never been.  We always get great reviews, and owners ask where we got them.”

– Nicholas Obbink, Senior Project Manager, Gleeson Constructors & Engineers


“I have used Weiland doors for over 20 years and have always found Leon and his sons working with the utmost integrity to provide me with a great product and fast, courteous service.”

– Doug Pickenpaugh, Tyson Foods


“In addition to supplying a high quality product they also provided great customer service, coordination, and follow-up.  They have been very responsive to customer needs on these projects.  I would not hesitate to use their doors and windows again for any project or owner.”

– Large National General Contractor


“Weiland is a door manufacturer with a lot of promise for the hygienic & food industry. They have a strong focus on R&D to continually improve their offerings, and those improvements could help industry clients in big ways.”

– Respected Food Architect


“Weiland Doors provides constant value engineering and innovative design for cold storage and food processing doors & windows. Their products provide high quality, while also focusing on making long lasting relationships with their clients.”

– Regional Thermal Construction Company


“Weiland Doors is an excellent door manufacturer. Your doors are of excellent quality and always come to the job site ready to install. One of the things that sets your firm apart from the competition is the fact that you have the ability to customize any door to fit the need, which is a great tool to have on our side. Your firm always jumps through hoops when it comes to getting the doors to us in an awesome time frame compared to the competition. As always we thank you for your help in making sure our customers are well taken care of.”

– Large National General Contractor


“We have used Weiland doors for many years on projects ranging from processing to distribution warehouses with great success. Their customer service, as well as their close proximity to our corporate location, has afforded us quick turn-arounds when client emergencies arise.”

– Regional Thermal Construction Company


“There is something special about Weiland. I believe their FRP doors now lead the industry, and you don’t get to that point without leadership, and attention to detail at all levels.”

– Food Industry Architect


“As they’ve grown, they’ve maintained the “mom-and-pop” shop feeling. They care a lot about quality right down to the types of fasteners they use. Companies like that are hard to find. They have become a widely-known brand, but with Weiland you still get the “shopping-local” feel. You can’t beat it.”

– National Thermal Contractor


“I’m excited every time an owner wants to use Weiland, because I know how excellent they work with us to deliver doors and windows on time. I wish I could use Weiland on every job.”

– National Thermal Contractor


“You saved my finish date, the doors look great, and the customer couldn’t be happier.”

– Food Facility Door Installer


“In Weiland, I was pleasantly surprised to find a door manufacturer that understands what makes a door hygienic for my customers. Most door people have no clue.”

– Dairy Industry Architect


“Weiland just continues to impress.”

– Insulated Metal Panel Manufacturer