Industrial Corrosion Resistant Door Hardware

Does this sound familiar?

  • Frames, door panels, and/or hardware arriving from different suppliers at different times
  • Missing hardware and/or misplaced hardware
  • Wrong door preps and/or doors that don’t fit well in frame
  • Hardware came with non-stainless parts when that’s not what was specified
  • No backing in doors where you were expecting it
  • No installation fasteners provided and no local providers had quick access to stainless steel anchors

These are typical challenges associated with door & hardware suppliers. And unfortunately, these problems typically rear their ugly head at the very end of a project, when you’re trying to wrap up and go live with the building.

At Weiland, we strive to make your door installations a smooth experience.

We offer the highest quality commercial grade-one hardware available. Our hardware features as many stainless steel components as possible, and we routinely replace factory-provided zinc screws with our own stainless fasteners, for maximum corrosion protection.

Doors arrive to your job site with the right fit-up in the frame, with most hardware items mounted, vision panels caulked in place…everything sealing up, lining up, looking good. With Weiland as your partner, your door batting average will rise drastically.

Commercial Grade One Hardware

For personnel doors, we stock Dorma hardware, as they have reliably provided quality hardware using as many stainless components as we have ever found on door hardware. They back up their quality with good service when our customers need it.

If other hardware brands are preferred, no problem. We can provide virtually any brand of door hardware.

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