1-3/4” Industrial Stainless Steel Doors | 16 & 18 Gauge

Most stainless steel door manufacturers need to be told precisely when and where to weld their doors. At Weiland, we know that protecting consumers starts with a seamless product, that is also void-free to mitigate harborage. Weiland stainless steel doors meet this standard to achieve ultimate hygiene.

It starts with WeldWrap™ technology. Our door panels are constructed from 16 Gauge stainless steel and are welded closed on all four sides with vertical seams ground and brushed smooth. There is no version of our stainless steel door that has open seams along the edge. In addition, Weiland stainless steel doors ship in a fully welded frame. With Weiland WeldWrap™ technology, nothing gets in. We design our doors to mitigate troublesome microbial entry points.

CleanCor™ technology is what makes this door stand out from the competition. Until now, stainless steel doors were only manufactured by inserting a pre-formed core material into a stainless steel pan before welding the panel closed. This process leaves a massive void between the interior sides of the door panel and the core material. This void presents two problems: It becomes a thermal short in applications with varying temperatures, and it becomes a potential harborage area with entry points at each hardware fastener penetration. Weiland is the first to use CleanCor™ technology, injecting the panel with closed-cell polyurethane only after welding the door panel shut, yielding the only void-free stainless steel panel known on the market today. 

The Weiland Advantage:

  • 16 Ga. Stainless Steel Door Panels and Frames
  • 18 Ga. Stainless Steel Door Panels with 16 Ga. Frames
  • Seamless with WeldWrap™ technology
  • Void-free with CleanCor™ technology
  • Pre-hung in frame with hardware mounted
  • Fire rated option up to 3 hours (consult with factory)

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16 Gauge Stainless Steel Frame Options:

Stainless steel doors

Fully Welded One-Part

Stainless steel door

Two-Part (Split Jamb)

Stainless steel doors

Fully Welded One-Part with CleanCor™Technology


Stainless steel doors

16-ga Option for Toughest Applications

Stainless steel door

Fully Welded Panels and Frames

Stainless steel doors

Pre-Mounted Hardware for Fast Installation

Architectural Details


1-3/4″ thick doors are readily available at standard 3’x7′, 4’x8′, or 6’x7′ sizes. Virtually any custom size can be accommodated. Doors requiring fire labels may have special size limitations. 

Metal Options

Weiland offers multiple styles and gauges of stainless steel, to meet your design requirement and budget. Our standard door is comprised of 16 or 18 gauge, #4 brushed, 304 stainless steel. Options for 14 Gauge, and 316 stainless steel are available upon request. 

Core Options

Weiland stainless steel doors that are not fire-rated have an industry-first injected foam core that is void-free. Multiple core options are available for fire doors, including polystyrene, pre-formed polyurethane, and honeycomb boards. Restrictions may apply based on the desired rating.

Stainless Steel Vision Panels

We stock 20”x32″, 12”x18″, 5”x20″, and 10”x10″ frames, and can special order any custom size. We provide a Margard treated polycarbonate glazing in most applications. This polycarbonate is both chemical and abrasion resistant. We can also provide insulated, tempered, fire rated, heated and safety coated glass, depending on the environment. A blast resistant safety film is available and often recommended for USDA and FDA compliance.

Pre-Mounted Hardware

Weiland stocks a sizable inventory of commercial-grade one door hardware curated for corrosion resistance in wash-down applications. We can recommend door hardware that offers both quality and value. The vast majority of our doors are shipped pre-hung in the frame with the hardware pre-mounted and ready for a quick installation. This process eliminates last-minute surprises on the job site, such as missing hardware, and wrong preps, ensuring a quality product and a positive experience.


Weiland offers multiple stainless steel frame styles. Frames are available in 304-4 stainless steel with options for 14 gauge and 316. Numerous frame styles exist, such as our fully welded one-part frame, our SplitJamb two-part frame, and our fully welded one-part frame with CleanCor™ technology. We designed each of these frames to work in various wall types. Consult Weiland to find out which stainless steel door frame is right for your project.

Fire Rating

Weiland’s 16-ga stainless doors can be supplied with a fire rating up to 3 hours. 

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