1-3/4” Stainless Steel Personnel Doors

The Weiland Advantage:

  • 16-ga or 24-ga stainless steel panels – Multiple styles to meet your budget
  • Pre-hung in frame with hardware mounted – Ensures a smooth installation
  • Closed cell polyurethane core – Maximum thermal performance
  • Fire rated option up to 3 hours (consult with factory)

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Flexible Frame Options:

Stainless steel doors

One-Part 16-gauge Stainless (Welded)

Stainless steel door

Two-Part 16-ga Stainless (Split Frame)

Stainless steel doors

Metal Clad HDPE Casing Style


Stainless steel doors

16-ga Option for Toughest Applications

Stainless steel door

24-ga Option for Value Engineering

Stainless steel doors

Pre-Mounted Hardware for Fast Installation

Architectural Details


1-3/4″ thick doors are readily available at standard 3×7, 4×8, or 6×7 sizes. Or, virtually any custom size can be accommodated. Doors requiring fire labels may have special size limitations. Consult with Weiland.

Metal Options

Weiland offers multiple styles and gauges of stainless steel, to meet your design requirement and budget. Our heaviest duty door is 16-ga brushed stainless, that is welded and ground smooth on the sides and top of the door for a seamless finish.   Our popular, value engineered stainless door is built of either 24-ga smooth stainless (mill finish) or 26-ga stucco embossed stainless that is spot welded and sealed at the sides and top.


Weiland has multiple core options for our stainless steel doors, including injected closed cell polyurethane foam (on non-rated doors), or polystyrene or honeycomb boards (for fire rated doors).

Stainless Steel Vision Panels

We stock 20×32″, 12×18″, 5×20″, and 10×10″ frames, and can special order any custom size. We provide scratch resistant polycarbonate glazing in most applications (which is much more durable and chemical resistant than standard Lexan), and can also provide insulated, tempered, fire rated, heated and safety coated glass, depending on the environment. Learn more about glazing options here.

Pre-Mounted Hardware

Weiland stocks a sizable inventory of commercial grade 1 door hardware. Weiland’s preferred hardware supplier is Dorma, however, every brand and model is available to our customers. We can recommend hardware that offers both quality and value. 95% of our doors are shipped pre-hung in the frame with the hardware pre-mounted, and ready for a quick installation. This eliminates last minute surprises on the job site, missing hardware, wrong preps, etc., and ensures a quality product and positive door experience.


Weiland offers multiple 16-ga stainless steel frame styles. Stainless frames are available in 304 or 316 alloys, as mill finished (2B) or brushed (#4). Multiple frame styles exist such as solid/welded frames for concrete walls or fire rated walls (typically 5-3/4” deep), narrow depth welded frames to slip into a capped-off IMP openings, or our popular two-part / split frame to sandwich over a varying thickness of IMP walls or combo wall. Please consult with Weiland on requirements and recommendations.

Fire Rating

Weiland’s 16-ga stainless doors can be supplied with a fire rating up to 3 hours. Please consult with factory.

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