Stainless Steel Clad Food Facility Slider

 Weiland has drawn from decades of experience in some of the continent’s most demanding raw and RTE food processing environments to deliver a new standard of sanitary slider doors with excellent longevity and performance, all while providing industry-leading service.

Customers will love our new ultra-clean tube rail system and foolproof redundant safety features. Whether power operated or manual, single slide or bi-part, and whether for a cooler or freezer application, we have your opening covered. 


The Weiland Advantage:

  • Ultra-Clean Stainless Steel Tube Rail System
  • Void-Free Panel Construction
  • Composite Backing Behind All Hardware
  • Closed-Cell Foam Inserts in All Casing Material
  • Many Actuators Available Depending on Use

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Clean and Mean Construction

Maximum R-Value

Wash-down Ready

Architectural Details


Virtually any size panel is available, at 4” or 6” thickness. Larger panels may need to be built in multiple sections for shipping considerations. Consult with factory.

Panel Structure

The door panel is built with a heavy duty extruded aluminum collar that is completely concealed by stainless-steel and not exposed to wash-down. Corners of the panel are reinforced with a steel corner bracket. The panel is sheeted with stainless steel before it receives insulation. 


Void Free Panel with CleanCor™

Door panels are placed in a heated press and injected with 2lb per cubic foot closed cell polyurethane foam. 2lb foam provides the maximum R-value for thermal performance (roughly R-7.5 per inch).

Meat Rail Options

Door panels and header casings can be built to accommodate meat rails and I-beams for meat & poultry applications. Consult with factory.

Custom Doors

Weiland has built countless custom doors for unique applications. If you have a design challenge where you’ll need a door, please contact Weiland to brainstorm ideas.

Stainless Steel Casing Frame System

24-ga 304-4 stainless steel clad frames are standard with all Food Facility Sliders. The core of the casings are extruded aluminum with inserted closed-cell polyurethane inserts. The jambs can be made in any depth and can be ordered 1” thick, or with jamb caps (C channel). 

Freezer Door Heat

120 volt, self-regulating heater wire is utilized in perimeter of our doors for freezer applications. The heat runs on all 4 sides of the door panel and all 3 sides of the door opening. 

Track and Hardware

Our Stainless Steel Food Facility Sliders feature a stainless steel tube track, with heavy stainless steel brackets, chain, sprockets, and large Ertalye® rollers for corrosive resistant construction. These doors are made primarily for RTE wash-down applications.

Wicket Door Option

Swinging “wicket” doors can be built into sliding door panels, both with “step-over” and “flush sill” designs. Consult with factory.

Power Operator Option

Our doors are driven by a NEMA4X operator controlling a IP55 operator. Power doors feature an inside safety release with a power disconnect, fully integrated safety sensors including a pneumatic safety edge, and photo eyes as a redundant backup. Doors come standard with pull cord stations, but many other actuators are available including push buttons, remote controls, photo sensors, loop detectors, and hands-free wave sensors.

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