Metal Clad Horizontal Sliding Doors

The Weiland Advantage:

  • 26-ga stucco embossed stainless steel or white metal – Matches IMP panels
  • Superior internal construction – Holds up in tough environments
  • Injected closed cell polyurethane core – Maximum thermal performance for coolers and freezers
  • All stainless steel hardware option – Ready for wash-down applications
  • Wood or HDPE construction – To fit your requirements and budget

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Superior Internal Construction

Maximum R-Value

All Stainless Steel Option

Architectural Details


Virtually any size panel is available, at 4, 5 or 6” thickness. Larger panels may need to be built in multiple sections for shipping considerations. Consult with factory.

Panel Structure

Metal clad panels are built to size, using 2×4” plastic lumber (or wood) that is mechanically screwed together and reinforced in the corners and behind all hardware. 26-ga stainless or white painted galvanized metal is fastened to the core structure. The metal-wrapped door is then injected with closed cell polyurethane foam for maximum thermal performance and strength.

Closed Cell Foam

Door panels are placed in a heated press and injected with 2lb per cubic foot closed cell polyurethane foam. 2lb foam provides the maximum r-value for thermal performance (roughly R-7.5 per inch).

Custom Doors

Weiland has built countless custom doors for unique applications. If you have a design challenge where you’ll need a door, please contact Weiland to brainstorm ideas.

Metal Clad Casings (Frame)

26-ga stucco embossed stainless steel or white metal clad frames are available, depending on application. The core of our casings is typically made of HDPE plastic lumber. A wood core is available for dry applications or value engineering projects. Jamb depths are built to virtually any size, accommodating any wall type or depth.

Self Regulating Heat

120 volt, 10-watt per foot self-regulating heater wire is utilized in perimeter of our doors for freezer applications.

Track and Hardware

Track, brackets, trolleys, stay rollers, chain, sprockets, etc., are available in stainless steel for corrosive application, or galvanized steel, for dry or non-corrosive environments.

Power Operator Option

½ Horse power, NEMA4X operators are standard for Weiland power sliding doors. Operators feature a marine grade aluminum housing and a wash-down rated control box.   Weiland upgrades the operator motor to a stainless steel shaft and sprocket for maximum corrosion resistance. Various activation types are available, including pull cord stations, push button stations, motion activation, garage door style openers, or in-floor loop detectors.

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