Aluminum Clad Horizontal Sliding Doors

Metal Sliding door

 Weiland has drawn from its decades of experience in some of the continent’s toughest cold storage and food processing environments to deliver products with excellent performance, all while providing service that delights our customers.

This door is no different. It may look like an ordinary cold storage door with galvanized metal cladding, but not so! We build this door with aluminum which is far more resistant to issues with corrosion. The funnel track system is easier to keep clean and has a profile shaped for easy moisture ejection.

This door can be ordered as a Single Slide or a Bi-Parting Door. It can be ordered for cooler or freezer environments. It Can also be built for motorized or manual operation. In the power configuration, there are many potential options for actuation. Call us today with questions!

The Weiland Advantage:

  • No Wood Construction
  • 24 Ga. Stucco Embossed White Aluminum – Corrosion Resistant
  • Extruded Aluminum Inner Frame
  • Voidless Panel with CleanCor™ Technology
  • Aluminum Funnel Track – Ejects Moisture Easily
  • Nema4X Operator with IP55 Motor
  • U.L. Listed

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Ultra-lite and Tough Interior Construction

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Maximum R-Value

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Aluminum Clad for Corrosion Resistance

Architectural Details


Virtually any size panel is available, at 4” or 6” thickness. Larger panels may need to be built in multiple sections for shipping considerations. Consult with factory.

Panel Structure

Aluminum clad panels are built to size, using an extruded aluminum inner frame and reinforced in the corners with a steel bracket and behind all hardware. 24 ga. white painted aluminum is standard for added corrosion resistance. The metal-wrapped door is then injected with closed cell polyurethane foam for maximum thermal performance and strength.

Closed Cell Foam

Door panels are placed in a heated press and injected with 2lb per cubic foot closed cell polyurethane foam. 2lb foam provides the maximum r-value for thermal performance (roughly R-7.5 per inch).

Custom Doors

Weiland has built countless custom doors for unique applications. If you have a design challenge where you’ll need a door, please contact Weiland to brainstorm ideas.

Metal Clad Casings (Frame)

Our casings are made from thermally broken extruded aluminum with closed cell polyurethane inserts. Jamb depths are built to virtually any size, accommodating any wall type or depth. 1” thick jambs are standard. Jamb caps (C Channels that wrap the wall) are also available.

Freezer Door Heat

120 volt, self-regulating heater wire is utilized in perimeter of our doors for freezer applications. The heat runs on all 4 sides of the door panel and all 3 sides of the door opening. 

Aluminum Funnel Track and Hardware

Our aluminum funnel track is heavy duty, and extruded from aircraft aluminum. It shape allows for fast moisture ejection. The trolleys have large diameter HDPE wheels. Bushings and bearings are stainless steel.

Power Operator Option

Our doors are driven by a NEMA4X operator controlling a IP55 operator. Power doors feature an inside safety release with a power disconnect, fully integrated safety sensors including a pneumatic safety edge, and photo eyes as a redundant backup. Doors come standard with pull cord stations, but many other actuators are available including push buttons, remote controls, photo sensors, loop detectors, and hands-free wave sensors.

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