Double Acting Traffic Door

The Weiland Advantage:

  • Seamless fiberglass exterior – Thickest in the industry
  • Cleanable white gel coat – Even graffiti wipes clean
  • Durable construction – Extra fiberglass roving & backing behind hinges
  • Closed cell polyurethane core – Maximum thermal performance and noise reduction

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Flexible Frame Options:

S/S Square Tube

One-Part 16-Gauge Stainless (Welded)

Metal Clad HDPE Casing Style


30-50% Thicker Fiberglass Than Typical Competitors

3/8” Fiberglass on Door Edges

Only Door Molded All at Once

Advanced Composite Construction

Architectural Details


1-3/4″ thick doors are readily available in standard 3×7′ or 4×8′ sizes, and as single or double doors. Custom sizes (smaller or larger) are available – consult with Weiland.


Premium 25-mil gelcoat is molded into our fiberglass doors, chemically bonding with the underlying fiberglass resins. This exterior protects against corrosion, and provides a highly-cleanable surface. Most customers opt for UV resistant white doors, however gray or custom gel coat colors are available. Consult with Weiland for advice.

Seamless Fiberglass

Most door companies construct fiberglass doors using “plates” or “skins” that are laminated to a stile and rail. Weiland stands apart from all other fiberglass doors on the market, by being the only door molded all at once. The front, back, and sides are formed at once through an advanced close-molded process (Light RTM), meaning that the door is a solid structure of fiberglass. Measuring .1875 inch thick on the face and nearly .375″ thick on the edges, Weiland’s fiberglass exterior is the thickest of any door in the industry.


Weiland offers multiple stainless steel frame styles, including 2×6” stainless square tube style frame, welded 16-ga hollow metal style frames, or metal clad HDPE cold storage style frames. Please consult with Weiland on requirements and recommendations.


Weiland doors are built for food and dairy processing. That means every door is built to the following standards: void free, plastic lumber styles, rails and hardware backing, polyurethane foam core (2 lb closed cell foam). Any other option would be less-than-acceptable for our customers.

Stainless Steel Vision Panels

12×18″ stainless steel frames are standard. We provide ¼” scratch resistant polycarbonate glazing in most applications (which is much more durable and chemical resistant than standard Lexan).

All Stainless Steel Hardware

Weiland traffic doors feature entirely heavy-duty stainless steel hardware, for the longest rust-free life in highly corrosive applications. Doors feature stainless steel hinge adapters, stainless v-cams, stainless steel roller assemblies (including a stainless cam-follower), and a stainless lower hinge guard.

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