Corrosion Resistant Door Hardware

Does this sound familiar?

  • Frames, door panels, an hardware arriving from different suppliers at different times
  • Missing or misplaced hardware
  • Wrong door preps or doors that don’t fit well in frame
  • Hardware arrived with quality that doesn’t meet or exceed specification
  • No backing or reinforcement in doors where it should be expected
  • No fasteners provided and no local providers with access to stainless steel fasteners
We have the solution.

At Weiland, we strive to make your door installations a smooth experience.

We offer the highest quality commercial grade-one hardware available. Our PRO Series hardware features as many stainless steel components as possible, and we routinely replace factory-provided zinc screws with 3rd party stainless steel fasteners for maximum corrosion protection. We offer our commercial-grade 1 CS Series hardware for drier and less intense applications.

Doors arrive at your job site already pre-hung in the frame. We outfit your door systems with most hardware, reducing the risk of lost parts and wasted time. In fact, working with Weiland substantially reduces the amount of time required to install the door altogether.

As an international provider of doors for food processing environments, we know what hardware works well in heavy wash-down environments. As a manufacturer, not a hardware distributor, we understand the importance of meeting production deadlines and meeting your lead times. We stock our standard hardware ahead of the order.

With Weiland, you will see that door hardware doesn’t have to be so hard.

Curated for Food Facilities & Extreme Environments

At Weiland, we design our products to be as corrosion-resistant, durable, and hygienic as possible. That mindset extends to every attribute of our door systems which includes our door hardware. We’ve carefully curated our PRO Series hardware to last longer in heavy wash-down environments. And because we stock the hardware that has earned our PRO Series label, this helps you receive your product faster. Whether you are ordering replacement parts, or a new fully-outfitted door system, our hardware is ready and available for your challenging environment.

Curated for Distribution Warehouses & Cold Storage

Sometimes your environment doesn’t need the most heavy-duty corrosion-resistant options possible. When acceptable, CS Series hardware offers commercial-grade quality at more competitive prices. Once again, because we stock the hardware that has earned our CS Series label, you can rest assured that your lead-time is better off for it. When ordering replacement parts, overnight delivery is possible. When ordering a new door system, your hardware is already on our shelves before you’ve approved your submittal drawings.

Mortise Latchset | Best 40H

Cylindrical Latchset | PDQ XGT

Exit Device | Dorma 9300 Series

Exit Device | Dorma 9300 Series

Closer | Dorma 8916 STA

Closer | Dorma 8900

Auto Door Bottom | NGP 229NSS

Auto Door Bottom | NGP 220N

Light Tight Gasket | NGP 130NSS

Light Tight Gasket | NGP 130NA

HDPE Threshold | Weiland

Threshold | NGP 424E

Center Astragal | NGP 125NSS

Center Astragal | NGP 115NA

Refrigeration Latch | Kason K778

Refrigeration Latch | Kason K56

Refrigeration Hinge | Kason K1377S

Refrigeration Hinge | Dent D240

Tension Barrel Closer | Dent D897

Tension Barrel Closer | Kason K1097

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