For over 30 years, Weiland has manufactured tougher doors and more cleanable windows for the most demanding industrial and thermal applications. Equally important, we make service our top priority.

Our first door was built for Iowa Beef Packers (IBP) in 1984. In fact, most of the meat and poultry in the United States passes through our doors. Over the years we’ve walked the floors of hundreds of food facilities. We’ve seen first-hand the abuse that doors take in heavy industrial food and dairy production plants. We have a long history of working with plant engineers, facility maintenance managers, and design-build construction professionals to solve their door challenges. It’s through this history that we committed to develop the longest-lasting doors and windows for the harshest food and dairy plants in the industry.


“At Weiland Doors, the most important thing we have to sell is service. In any successful business, that is the absolute foundational element. Every aspect of that business should be centered on serving the customer as well as possible.”

Leon Weiland

Founder, Weiland Doors

Engineered for your long-term satisfaction

After extensive research and with investments in the most advanced fiberglass technology, Weiland developed a proprietary closed-mold process that quite simply produces the best possible door. Learn more.


We have 30+ years experience building doors and windows exclusively for industrial applications. We’ll put this background to work for you – whether you need a custom door or window, or just some recommendations on hardware. And, we use this experience to constantly innovate and improve on our product line.



Perhaps it’s our Midwestern roots, or just how we were raised, but we run our business in such a way that our customers and employees trust us. We tell the truth. We don’t low-ball quotes. We give accurate lead times. We don’t cut corners. Simply put, we deal people straight – all the time. We want to build doors and windows for you for the long term.


We strive to be more than just an ordinary door and window manufacturer. We work hard to be a core partner to each and every one of our customers. That means we help consult up-front on door and hardware designs. We turn around quotes and shop drawings very quickly. We communicate effectively during projects. We make ourselves available to your superintendents who may have questions. We jump through hoops to rush along doors when needed. Bottom line: We’ll demonstrate with every step of your project that we are committed to your project’s success.

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