Sloped Stainless Steel Production Windows

Thermally Broken Windows Performance and Wash-down Ready:

  • Thermally broken windows design
  • Sloped design for clean room applications
  • Quickly installs into insulated metal panels (and other wall types)
  • Welded stainless corners
  • Arrives with the glazing pre-mounted & sealed
  • Flexible glazing options (click here for listing)

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thermally broken windows

Thermally Broken Windows

thermally broken windows

Wash-down Ready

Sloped Design for Clean Applications

Stocked Sizes for Quick Turnaround

Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate

Makrolon AR2 abrasion-resistant polycarbonate sheet improves upon the impact strength of standard polycarbonate (commonly referred to as “Lexan”) with improved surface hardness, enhanced UV resistance to protect against yellowing and hazing, and significantly better performance in food processing environments where harsh chemicals are used, and glass is not allowed. ¼”, 3/8” and ½” thicknesses are available. Consult with Weiland on recommendations.


Multiple styles of glass are available, including tempered, insulated, and wire reinforced. Insulated glass is available as double or triple panes and ½” or greater thicknesses. Consult with Weiland on recommendations.

Heated Insulated Glass

120 volt heated / insulated glass is available for windows with extreme temperature differences and humidity, where condensation may otherwise form on the glass. Power outputs range from 2-to-40 watts per square foot, depending on the condition. Consult with Weiland for recommendations.

Glass with Safety Film Protection

Certain conditions call for insulated and/or heated glass to prevent condensation. But, many processing environments cannot risk glass breakage. Weiland provides processing customers the peace of mind by laminating insulated glass units with SolarGuard Armorcoat 7-mil safety film, to strengthen glass and contain glass in the event of breakage.

Architectural Details

Stocked Sizes

Weiland stocks frames at the following sizes for quick shipping flexibility:

4’x4’ Window for 4” Walls with ¼” glazing
4×3’ Windows for 4” Walls with ¼” glazing
4×3’ Windows for 4” Walls with 1” glazing

Frame Construction

Standard frames are built using 304-4 (brushed) stainless steel, although 316 stainless is available if needed. Frames are designed with a thermal break to avoid transferring cold from one side of the wall to the other, helping prevent condensation. The split-frame design installs quickly into IMP and enables a foamed-in-place installation, for maximum thermal performance.

Quality Seal

Weiland attaches glazing to frames using 3M VHB tape, for a superior seal that holds up to wash-down. Weiland applies vacuum pressure during the glazing installation, and utilizes vacuum gauges to ensure no leaks are present.

Custom Sizes

Virtually any size of frame is available, with or without center mullions, for varying wall depths and glazing types and thicknesses. Consult with factory.

Glazing Options

Virtually any glazing type is available for our windows, including scratch resistant polycarbonate, tempered glass, insulated / tempered glass, wire glass, and heated glass, at varying thicknesses.

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